Franz Speer

Senior Partner

Franz is an internationally experienced manager with proven track record in marketing, sales, and industry affairs.

After various national and international positions in marketing, he held various leadership positions in national (head CM, KAM) and international sales (IKAM, GAM). For the last 4 years, he has held the position of Director of Industry Affairs at Henkel KGaA and dealt with various topics of Go To Market strategies, such as sustainability, the circular economy and competition law.

Strengths and career successes

Franz brings more than 30 years of marketing, sales and industry experience at a national and global level.

After successfully revitalising the X’tra brand in France, he developed the household panel-based category management concept for Henkel and further developed it into a life-cycle approach.

At the same time, he took over the function of the national KAM for the drugstore sector and played a leading role in promoting the ECR cooperation between retailers  and manufactuers in Germany and Europe.

As Global Account Manager, Franz was responsible for global business development with a strategic client.

As Director Industry Affaire, Franz developed Henkel’s stakeholder management strategy for relevant Go To Market topics along the entire value chain (including product design, sourcing strategies, process issues, sales strategy, packaging development and disposal) and successfully implemented them.

He represented Henkel in many relevant working groups in the German and international brand association, at GS1, in the Consumer Goods Forum, at AISE and at ECR Europe.

For many years he was a member of DG GROW’s High Level Group on retail competitiveness and a member of EKIII’s Zentrale Stelle  in Germany responsible for the implementation of the new packaging law.