Steinbeis-VMI - We deliver sales and marketing solutions in one stop.
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We implement sales & marketing solutions –
the unique combination of practice and applied research

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Marketing Club Hamburg e.V. -Marketing Academy evenin on 05.06.2019

From Purpose to Profit

Requirements and implementation of future-oriented „go-to-market“strategies.

Essity & das Steinbeis-Vertriebs- und Marketinginstitut give you insights into the latest topics of future-oriented go-to-market strategies, as well as suggestions and recommendations for more sustainable corporate governance (Steinbeis-VMI), underpinned by concert examples of implementation (Essity).

From Purpose to Profit

Our holistic consulting approach „From Purpose to Profit“ offers pragmatic and realizable solutions to positively influence the top and bottom line of your company.

The starting point of our approach is the question of primary but social corporate purpose. Because we believe that companies have to make a socially positive contribution with their products and their actions.

Based on years of experience, we are convinced that the management of the company result (PROFIT) can be carried out in the six fields of action. For each of the following fields of action, we offer decades of experience, expertise and tried-and-tested solutions for individual topics.

Thus, we are able to solve individual problems on the basis of field-tested benchmarks very specific.

Product: From raw material to disposal

Focus topics: Product design sourcing strategy |  Logistics | Consumer communication | Category management

Preference: Understand consumer and shopper needs along the consumer decisions journey

Focus topics: Target group analysis |  Brand positioning |  Touch points

Processes: Efficiency across the value chain

Focus topics: Supply chain | Customer and sales operations |  EDI standards | KAM organization international customer management

Presence: Perfect execution

Focus topics: Channel strategy | PSO management |  Category management

Public Affairs: Stakeholder engagement and behaving right

Focus topics: (N) GO Initiatives and Impact Assessment |  Own Positions and Action Plan |  Sustainability

People: Make it happen

Focus topics: Employer branding |  Talent management | Capability definition & building